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Mac O'Moodus is the creation of Roger Straub-poet, musician, journalist, cartoonist, illustrator, fine artist and educator. Roger splits his time between his home in Higganum and his Moodus studio.
Mac O'Moodus is a Scottish artist/environmentalist/playboy/ wiseman named for the area's Native American tribe, the Machimoodus Indians. Mac champions good causes in peaceful, optimistic ways and the comic expresses a fun, lighthearted play on words that makes the reader think. Mac O'Moodus is a copyrighted character and can only be reproduced with the express permission of creator Roger Straub. For more information, visit www.macomoodus.com or email rogstraub@sbcglobal.net Mac O'Moodus products can be found locally at MP Impressions LLC, 25 Falls Road, Moodus, CT. www.mpimpressions.com
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