Gov. Malloy Nominates Judge Carmen Espinosa to Connecticut's Supreme Court

If confirmed, Judge Espinosa will be the first Hispanic to serve as a justice on the state's highest court.


A Press Release from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

Governor Dannel P. Malloy yesterday announced that he is nominating Judge Carmen Espinosa of Southington to serve as a justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Judge Espinosa was sworn in as an Appellate Court judge in 2011, and prior to that served on the Superior Court since 1992. She was the first Hispanic to serve on both courts, and if confirmed, will be the first Hispanic to sit on the Supreme Court.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to name a woman with such a distinct and respected background to our state’s highest court,” Governor Malloy said.  “Judge Carmen Espinosa has had an impressive career and is among our state’s most respected jurists. She will serve the people well when confirmed to the bench.”

“I would like to especially thank Governor Malloy for his continued commitment to diversity in our judiciary. Not only does he honor me with this nomination, but he has honored the Hispanic community as well,” Judge Espinosa said. “I fully understand the responsibility that will fall upon my shoulders if confirmed as the first Hispanic to sit as a Supreme Court Justice in our great state.  It is a responsibility which I will gladly accept and one that I would fulfill with diligence and dedication. I hope that my nomination to the Supreme Court serves as an example to young Hispanic children that anything is possible if they stay in school and use education as the bridge to success.”

Espinosa has been nominated to replace Justice C. Ian McLachlan, who reached the mandatory age of retirement for state judges.

In her work in the judiciary, Judge Espinosa served on the Sentence Review Division, the Client Security Fund Committee, and was a member of the Judicial Branch Education Committee of the Connecticut Judges’ Institute. Prior to becoming a judge, she was an FBI agent and an Assistant U.S. Attorney. She also taught French and Spanish in the Southington public school system.

She graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 1971, received her master’s degree in Hispanic studies from Brown University in 1973, and received her law degree from The George Washington University Law School in 1976.


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