State Police Arrest and Accident Reports for Long Holiday Weekend

Increased police patrols result in hundreds of arrests for DUI and unsafe driving. Police responded to about 350 accidents on the roads, two of them fatal, this Thanksgiving.


Connecticut State Troopers beefed up patrols over the holiday weekend, starting from 1 a.m. on November 21 right on through until midnight on Sunday, with a view to cutting down on drunk and aggressive driving. 

According to the latest reports, Connecticut State Police wrote about 1,500 speeding tickets, issued about 80 tickets for seatbelt violations, and more than 2,800 for moving violations ranging from unsafe lane chances to cell phone usage while driving. 

Police made 60 arrests for driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. 

Police investigated more than 350 accidents, two of them fatal. The first fatal accident was reported on Saturday on interstate 691 in Southington. The second occurred on Sunday on Route 8 in Beacon Falls.  

There were fewer accidents this year compared to Thanksgiving 2011, when police responded to 389 accidents, although last year also brought two fatalities. 

2011 Thanksgiving statistics:  

  • Speeding: 1,376  
  • Seatbelt: 417   
  • Hazardous Moving Violations: 2,745   
  • DUI: 65
  • Accidents: 389; With injury: 50; Fatal: 2



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