Power Could Be Restored to East Lyme, Old Lyme, And Lyme By Midnight Tonight

The town's emergency operations centers say Connecticut Light and Power is optimistic that power should be back on by midnight on Sunday but road travel remains an issue.


East Lyme and Old Lyme's Emergency Operations Centers report that CL&P is hopeful that power will be restored by midnight tonight. As of noon, 37 percent of Lyme, 59 percent of East Lyme, and 68 percent of Old Lyme remained without power. 

Power came back on along Route 156 in Lyme last night. Lyme First Selectman Ralph Eno said that the town is currently waiting for CL&P crews to arrive. When they do, "we should be lit back up in short order," said Eno. "We don't have a lot of damage. Our roads are pretty much open."

The biggest concern for Lyme, he said, are residences with long driveways that may have left some people housebound.

In East Lyme, CL&P linesmen spent Sunday morning working on the area that feeds power to East Pattagansett and Pennsylvania Avenue, serving 262 residents. They're also working on the Roxbury circuit which feeds power to 1,349 residents and on multiple sub station issues that feed a number of different locations. 

Road travel remains hazardous, however, as East Lyme and Old Lyme have had difficulty plowing the heavy snow. Ice is becoming compacted as more people are leaving their homes in search of warm meals and hot coffee. Both East Lyme and Old Lyme have requested help from the state because heavier equipment is needed to plow the heavy snow. 

Old Lyme is currently working on clearing Mile Creek Road, Lyme Street, Shore Road and Rogers Lake, with plows out in force today. Flanders Road in East Lyme is still fairly compacted with ice but traffic is moving.

The shelter is open and warm at the East Lyme Middle School and the Lymes Senior Center on Town Woods Road is also open for people who need to warm up or recharge electronic equipment.

If you are cold and need to get there, please call East Lyme Emergency Operations Center at 860-739-4434, Old Lyme Emergency Operations Center at 860 598-0120, Lyme Emergency Operations Center at (860) 434-1329. 

Nancy Russell February 10, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Power just came back (12:15 pm, Sunday) on Lake Ave./Hope St. - thanks to everyone who helped get the power back! :-)
S February 10, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Thanks for the info in this articleJayne - if CLP spent a little extra time and money posting the kind of info you did about where the crews are working etc, maybe we would all be more patient. When you are stranded, with no information, you feel powerless and it usually comes out in an angry tirade.


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