Horse Rescued at Durham Farm

Connecticut Horse Cremation in Killingworth assisted in the rescue with their lift equipment on Wednesday to help rescue a draft horse stuck in the mud.


A dramatic rescue involving a horse and more than a dozen volunteers unfolded Wednesday evening in Durham.

Shortly after 4 p.m., members of Durham's Animal Rescue Team (DART) received a call that a horse named Buddy had fallen in the mud at Angela Gulielmetti's farm on Mica Hill Road and was struggling to get back on his feet.

DART members and firefighters from Durham's Volunteer Fire Company rushed to the scene but soon realized that rescuing Buddy was going to be difficult because of the conditions.

Soon after, Jeff Blaschke and his team from the Connecticut Horse Cremation in Killingworth arrived with lift equipment and was able to pull Buddy out of the mud and get him to his feet.

"It was really incredible," said Brenda Eddy, a DART member who witnessed the rescue.

Dr. Stacey Golub of Connecticut Valley Equine Veterinary Services was on hand to check out Buddy to make sure he was okay.

"Buddy is a Percheron who was saved from slaughter by Connecticut Draft Horse-Rescue. We adopted him in May and love him to pieces. We are so grateful," Gulielmetti said on Facebook.

You'll find more photos of the rescue on the DVFC's Facebook page.


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