Connecticut Flu Deaths Reach 23, State Says Flu May Have Peaked

The number of hospitalizations for those with flu-like symptoms is dropping. In East Lyme there have been 15 confirmed flu cases, in Old Lyme, 12, and in Lyme, four so far.


While the number of deaths attributed to the seasonal flu climbed to 23 this past week, state health officials believe the influenza season has peaked.

The state Department of Public Health issued a weekly report Thursday stating that the number of people coming to hospital emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms has dropped from a high of 12.4 percent last week to 10.2 percent this past week.

In East Lyme, there have been 15 confirmed cases of the flu. In Old Lyme, there have been 12, and in Lyme, four cases so far. You can view the statewide flu data in the PDF above.

In a related story, the makers of Triaminic and Theraflu are recalling those and other products because of faulty child-proof caps.

In addition, the number of people seeking outpatient services for flu-related symptoms has decreased during the last two weeks from a peak of 4.6 percent to the current level of 3.4 percent.

In all, 1,522 people have been hospitalized this season with symptoms of the flu and the state has recorded 3,758 confirmed influenza cases statewide. That figure does not include those who probably have the flu but have not been tested.

There have been 23 deaths in Connecticut so far related to the flu, the state health data show. Of those, 19 were of people age 65 and older and four were people between the ages of 55 and 64.


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