Where Am I And Whaddaya Know?

A weekly quiz to test your local knowledge.


I spent this glorious Sunday exploring the outer reaches of the Lymes' territory today and here's where I ended up. So tell me, where am I?

I think this one might be a bit tricky but whenever I say that, I get nearly instant right answers so, as you're all so good at this, here are two questions just to make it a bit more challenging:

  1. Who built this property?
  2. How did the property owner make his or her fortune? 

Gloria correctly answered last week's quiz—the location, though not the cat's name but well done, Gloria, just the same! It was Lyme Public Library (which was pretty easy for anyone who lives in Lyme). The cat's name is Emma and, if everything goes according to plan and enough funds come through, there will be a ground breaking for a new library building next summer.  

As always, please write your answers in the comments!

Gloria December 03, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Hooray! I got 1/3 of last week's answer correct! LOL! My guess for this week: Is this the Bushy Hill Nature Center? Who built it? Mr. Hill??? How did he make his fortune? Being a logger for building log cabins??? (Sorry, for my lame answers! ha-ha!)


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