Illegal Dumping on Route 156 in Old Lyme

Sold and closed after least 30 years in business last spring, Cherrystones Restaurant has become a haven for illegal dumpers


For at least three decades, Cherrystones Restaurant was one of the places to eat out and to see and be seen on Shore Road in Old Lyme. Since the restaurant was sold last spring, however, it's been shuttered and closed.

Driving past the property on Route 156 last Friday there were signs of life once again. Admittedly, it was not very promising. A toilet and mattress were propped up near the front entryway—but it did suggest that the new owners might be in the midst of remodeling.

Upon further inspection, however, it turns out that people have been illegally dumping their trash on the Cherrystones' lot. The owners, 100 Acres LLC., engaged the services of Old Lyme company Just Dump It to clear out the numerous mattresses, armchairs, patio furniture, couches, and at least one toilet, that had been illegally dumped on the site.

Just Dump It owner Tom Larson and his coworker Bob Jenkins hauled all the trash from the site yesterday. The company has been pretty busy since Superstorm Sandy hit and is anticipating a busy spring as a lot of homeowners haven't even started clearing out their property since Sandy struck last fall.

Much as they appreciate the business, they still shake their heads at the furniture they're finding behind Cherrystones. It costs just $15 to take a mattress to the dump, Larson noted. The fine for illegal dumping, Larson added, is much higher.

Then again, the people who used the Cherrystones' lot as a dumping ground were never caught.  


Paul Ramsey February 02, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Just another bunch of lazy, ignorant, slobs who could care less about "doing the right thing" and just "do the easy, cheap thing".
delta burke February 02, 2013 at 09:06 PM
There are no cops to be found in Old Lyme in the winter.


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