Boo! Halloween Is Happening This Weekend In East Lyme and Old Lyme

Prepare for Trick or Treaters tonight in East Lyme, tomorrow in Old Lyme, and join the Lymes' Youth Service Bureau Halloween Parade on Sunday


Better stock up on candy! Tonight, trick or treaters who were warned not to go out on Halloween will be roaming the streets of East Lyme.

After Storm Sandy swept through, town leaders in East Lyme and Old Lyme decided that dark houses and streets strewn with powerlines were just too scary for kids to go trick or treating. But no one wanted to completely dispense with Halloween traditions so the town of East Lyme set tonight as the date to do it.

Tomorrow evening, Old Lyme children will be trick or treating store-to-store and door-to-door on Lyme Street and children from Lyme and Old Lyme up to grade 2 will be marching in the Lymes' Youth Service Bureau's annual Halloween Parade along Lyme Street. The fun in Old Lyme begins at 4 p.m. 

The weather shows all signs of cooperating this time, with temperatures predicted to hit 60 degrees tomorrow. Old Lyme Town Hall meeting room will be open and serving hot chocolate and apple cider, though, in case you need to warm up and there will be plenty of candy for everyone.

Happy belated Halloween! 


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