A Mountain Lion Sighting in East Lyme?

East Lyme resident Jay Murphy said he saw a mountain lion on Cedarbrook Lane on Tuesday night, but the DEEP has other thoughts.

On January 29, Waterford Building Inspector Jay Murphy saw something that the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection claims does not exist, at least not here.

Murphy told Patch Thursday that he clearly saw a mountain lion at around 7 Tuesday night while walking across Cedarbook Lane in East Lyme. He said he was sure it was a mountain lion from the shape and the long tail, which ensures it is not a bobcat, because that animal has no tail. Murphy later found a paw print in the mud he believes is from the mountain lion.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection remains skeptical of Murphy’s sighting. DEEP spokesman Dwayne Gardner said the print is most likely from a canine and said there are no mountain lions in Connecticut.

“There has not been a native population in the state for quite some time and no verified sighting in over 100 years, with the exception of the one that was killed on the Merritt Parkway back in June 2011,” Gardner wrote to Patch in an email. “As you probably know, it was later determined that this mountain lion had made its way to Connecticut from South Dakota.”

Murphy said he is confident that what he saw was a mountain lion. Also, in April of 2012, WTNH ran a story about an East Haddam animal control officer who said he saw a mountain lion in East Haddam.

Murphy’s Story

Murphy lives on Cedarbook Lane in East Lyme. At around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, his dog started barking feverishly and tried to run through its electric fence around the home, he said.

Murphy went outside and he said he saw two yellowish-green eyes. He said he then clearly saw, thanks to a streetlight, a mountain lion cross Cedarbook Lane and take off into the woods.

Murphy described the mountain lion as about five or six feet long, including the tail, and about three feet tall. He went out the next day and found what he believes is a mountain lion print, as he estimated the print from the animal’s pad alone was about 3 ½ inches.

DEEP’s Take

Gardner said he had a wildlife biologist look at the footprint Murphy found and said it was most likely from a canine.

Gardner said said the DEEP used DNA evidence to conclude that the mountain lion killed in 2011 by a car in Connecticut was from South Dakota and no other mountain lions have been spotted in Connecticut in at least a century. In fact, in March of 2011, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service declared the eastern cougar extinct, he said.

“We are always willing to examine any evidence that someone might have of a mountain lion,” Gardner wrote in an email to Patch. “But in the absence of verifiable evidence (confirmed photographs, samples of scat, etc) we continue to believe that there is no breeding populations of mountain lions in Connecticut.”

About Mountain Lions

According to National Geographic, mountain lions are predators that live mostly in the western part of North America and throughout South America. They are solitary animals that prey on animals like deer, coyotes and raccoons, according to National Geographic.

Mountain lions are considered endangered after they were overhunted in the 1800s, according to National Geographic. Statistics show there are usually four reports a year of a mountain lion attacking a human in the United States and Canada, with an average of one fatality per year, according to National Geographic.

Mike Meinz February 01, 2013 at 01:14 PM
See www.CTMountainLion.org There have been other reports of mountain lion sightings.
Gloria February 01, 2013 at 06:09 PM
I believe Jay Murphy. If one found it's way up here from S. Dakota in 2011, and was killed on the Merritt, who's to say another one from somewhere else hasn't made it's way here?
Ralph Slater Jr February 01, 2013 at 06:16 PM
A while back the animal control officer in East Haddam reported one also as I recall.
Michael Scott February 18, 2013 at 02:23 PM
The DEEP is pretending there are not Mt Lions in Ct. I had a hunting friend of my come within 20 deet of one in Simsbury, Ct in Dec...they both stirred at each other for 20 seconds and the Mt. Lion bounded in two jumps out of sight...The lion had come up behind him while his back was to a tree...he thought it was a deer sneaking up behind him and had no idea he was there, and both were surprised when they saw each other. The State refuses to admitt there are Mt Lions in Ct. Estimates of 100 of them living in Ct and 3 within the Farmington Valley area where my buddy hunts. He could not get the DEEP to respond but there was someone he contacted on a web sight designated to Mt Lion sightings and they contacted him and put out trail camera trying to catch the Cat on film.....


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